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Quality Education Program Documentary highlighting the archievements 

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Book Project


  • We have provided reading and writing materials to the children’s clubs that are active in the project, to enable them to write their own stories. 40 of the best stories were picked to be published and spread around to other children in their schools. The books have illustrations drawn by the children and consist of traditional Tanzanian stories, which will help preserve and educate children on their own cultural heritage. Recently the stories have focused on children’s experiences with violence in their environment.  

Improving the Quality of Education Project

  • We have been able to provide 150 desks, 75 chairs and 18 teachers’ tables to 3 primary schools in Geita district to reduce the shortage of these items in classrooms. 
  • We have built libraries in 4 different primary schools and we provided the libraries with 2200 books to inspire a culture of reading amongst the children. 
  • We also built 4 different latrines with 8 holes to serve 640 children in total. In this process the community engaged actively to assist us.  
  • We provided on job training to 120 teachers in 10 schools during the holidays. We educate them on changes in the curriculum that they don’t have knowledge on and other educational related challenges they face in their context.   

Orphans and most Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project

  • We established the Yohanna Memorial Drop-In Center, where we are able to accommodate up to 50 children who are victims of child (sexual) violence. We provide psychosocial support at the center. The center is only a temporary shelter as we figure out how to reintegrate these children back into a safe environment.  
  • We have been able to provide primary and secondary education to 12 OVC, which was one of the first NELICO projects and started in 2006. These children have just finished form 4 (O level), in 2017. 
  • We have established a special telephone number where child abuse or violence as well as gender based violence can be reported. This information is then shared with local government officials and law enforcement.  

Tuberculosis project


  • Using active case finding and contact investigation in crowded areas like mining sites and marketplaces, we have managed to get 72 people who suffer from TB on medication, which battles their condition. We also make regular follow-ups to insure people are still on the medication and have access to healthcare.  

Legal Aid project


  • We have been able to offer legal aid to people who cannot afford to pay for it. We have also trained paralegals who offer free council in rural areas where people do not have access to legal aid otherwise.  

Youth project

  • We have been able to provide income-generating tools to vulnerable groups, especially those at risk when it comes to sexual reproductive health and rights. Amongst these groups was a group of young mothers, who often lack ways to generate income themselves. We provided materials like water pumps for irrigation, brick-making machines and start-up capital to start their own business. To 18 members of these youth groups, we provided a total of 2 million Tanzanian Shilling in start-up capital. 
  • We have established clubs in 4 different secondary schools, with 30 members each. Their focus is on sexual reproductive health and rights. With their gained knowledge, they educate their peers. 
  • We established district child protection teams together with the government. We managed to found the teams in 18 different wards to manage cases of violence against children. 
  • We also established 15 children’s councils consisting of 30 members, both in and out school children. They are whistleblowers for violence against children, child labor and any other possible risks around children.   

Eradicating Worst Forms of Child Labor

  • In an effort to end the worst forms of child labor we removed over 4000 children from dangerous artisanal small scale mining sites in the Lake Zone Region and sent them back to school, to improve their future prospects.  

Other Projects

We have many more other projects like awareness raising, capacity building and other trainings