New Light Children Centre believes that every Child must be given a chance to live.

Welcome to New Light Children Centre Organization (NELICO)

A walk against GBV, 16 Days of Activism

Nelico takes a race against GBV, Nelico organised a cycling competion to advocate against Gender Based Violence.

End GBV against women, children.


TENDER NO. KK01/2018



 New light Children Centre Organization invites sealed Tenders  for Vocational scholarship Start up Kits that will be provided to children after the course in Bukombe DC.  

Deadline to tender:  Completed tenders shall be placed in Tender Box located at NELICO office BEFORE 1700 HOURS ON WEDNESDAY, 28THNovember 2018 

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Mission & Vision


Nelico seeks to promote human rights  by providing free legal services to the marginalized groups, direct support to MVC,  Youth involvement, GBV Prevention, Health awareness, Improve  Quality Education and Psycho-social support provision to women, children and people with disability.


To have a Tanzania community in which all people protect human and child rights, access quality health services and empowered youths


Nelico in partnership with Plan International under the 18+ENDING CHILD MARRIAGE PROJECT donated by German corporation also invites quotations from eligible suppliers for the supply of meals during the training of 100 girls  on soap,fabric making and VSLA.The supplier should prove capable of supplying the service for 21 days in Nyamigota and Katoro were sessions are going to take place. The quotations are to be addressed to the procurement office at NELICO headquarters.

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About Us

What we do

1. Capacity Building

2. Legal AID

3. Gender Based Violence Prevention

4. Psychosocial Support

5. Health Care

6. Youth Empowerment

7. Improve Quality Education

8. Child Right Advocacy

9. Research

10. Sensitization

11. Economic Empowerement

12. Albinism and disability

13. Community Engagement


Who we are

NELICO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that started in 2004. Since its inception, it has been implementing projects related to: Psychosocial Support, Youth Voice, Legal Aid, Child Protection and Prevention of Killings of People with Albinism.  

How you can help

Thanks to your support, we are able to commit ourselves to help the most disadvantaged children, families and communities in Tanzania.

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Our History

New Light Children Center Organization (NELICO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act No. 24 of 2002 on 28th March 2006 and was given the registration certificate No. OONGO/0739. 

NELICO started its operations in Geita District in March of 2004 as a small non-governmental organization focusing on support to orphans and the most vulnerable children. The start of the organization was motivated by the desire to address the issues of HIV/AIDS and orphans in the district.

The Tanzanian government officially announced that Geita is the leading district for HIV transmission in the Lake Victoria regions of Tanzania and that the impact of HIV and AIDS has serious detrimental effects on the lives of women and children in this district. The government appeals to NGO’s to support them in these issues.  

Following this announcement and the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS on the lives of children in Geita district, four committed women, specialized in sociology came together with the motto: “Live to Serve”. They agreed to start an organization with the name NELICO. Since its inception, NELICO has been implementing projects related to: Psychosocial Support, Youth Voice, Legal Aid, Child Protection and Prevention of Killings of People with Albinism.  

Audience & Assets

Our target audiences

The organization’s target audiences are children, youth and marginalized groups, also in the rural communities. 

Our assets

The organization’s main assets are the communities which are the custodians and beneficiaries of everything that it does. Our donors also play a role as an asset, seeing as they donate funds to run the activities of the organization. Lastly, the staff is also considered as an asset of the organization. 

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Email: admin@nelicotz.org


Geita, Tanzania

Tel: +255 784 940 550 - FAX: +255 282 520 502


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday: Closed

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