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RFP Title: Procurement of educational subsidies and Car hire service provision. Tender No: NELICO/ACHIEVE/FY23/02 Date of Solicitation of Education Subsidies: 13/02/2023 Closing date and time: 20/02/2023 17:00 Pm (Geita Tanzania) Questions and clarifications: Due by 16/02/2023 Date of Solicitation of Car hire service: 13/02/2023 Closing date and time: 26/02/2023 17:00 Pm (Geita Tanzania) Questions and clarifications: Due by 23/02/2023

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February 14, 2023
Thumb EDUCATIONAL-SUBSIDIES-TOR-NELICO.pdf application/pdf Open Download Copy Link February 14, 2023 February 14, 2023
Thumb VEHICLE-HIRE-TENDER-TOR.pdf application/pdf Open Download Copy Link February 14, 2023 February 14, 2023


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December 6, 2022
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December 6, 2022

RFP Title: Procurement of educational subsidies and printing of ART calendars. Tender No: NELICO/ACHIEVE/FY23/01 Date of Solicitation: 01/12/2022 Closing date and time: 15/12/2022 11:00 am (Geita Tanzania) Questions and clarifications: Due by 12/12/2022

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December 6, 2022




Detailed Tender Notice; New Light Children Centre Organization (NELICO) is a Nonprofit, Nongovernmental Organization registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act No. 24 of 2002. The organization is committed to Protect, educate and empower vulnerable children. NELICO’svision is to have a Tanzanian Community in which all people protect human and child rights, access quality health services and empowered youthwith a Mission of Promoting Child and Human Rights by fostering Proper Health Care and Wellbeing, Access to Education, Free Legal Services, Comprehensive Support to OVCs, Women, Youth and the Marginalized Groups.

To date, NELICO is implementing programs related to: HIV/AID’s prevention, SRHR, GBV and VAC prevention, Quality Education, Disability Inclusion, Free Legal Aid, Protecting girls against Harmful Practices and Economic strengthening to communities from the 5 regions of Lake Zone.

This public notice for Tender is a courtesy of the project; Improved Quality Education (IQE) in 20 primary schools in Geita Town and Rural Districts: A project funded by Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (Switzerland) and Implemented by NELICO in Geita District. The project aims at improving children’s access to Quality Education by; Improving School Infrastructure through Renovation of Classrooms, Provision of Desks and Mobilizing Communities to Support School Development;  Other Project Deliverables include; improving child participation in classroom learning through training teachers on Participatory Teaching Methodologies as well as improving Child Participation through establishment of clubs to provide platforms for children to discuss matters affecting their lives (gender issues included).


To achieve the objective of Improving school infrastructure, NELICO under the support of Pestalozzi Children Foundation-Switzerland has set aside funds for Renovation of 4 classrooms each from Igaka Primary, Mlimani Primary, Ndelema Primary and Buyagu Primary Schools all from Geita District Council. Therefore, the organization invites applications from various interested and potential bidders for the renovation of 4 the classrooms from 4 schools of Geita District Council. The following conditions and qualifications shall apply for all the applicants:


-Must be a Tanzanian operating within Tanzania.
-The applicant must provide valid bank account details.
-The applicant must be registered as a taxpayer with TIN number
-The applicant must provide proof of track record of working with the government in the construction industry (Avail previous contract/certificate from the District Engineers)


The applicant must share a CV detailing his/her qualifications
-The applicant must state the time for the starting and completing the task.
-The applicant is encouraged to visit the project site at their own expense.
-The applicant should clearly indicate the cost analysis for accomplishing the whole renovation exercise as per the scope below;


Element 01; Sub Structure Moram Hard Core and Site Sterilization;Oversite Concrete
Element 02; Ceiling Gypsum Board
Element 03; Doors and Frames Hard wood
Element 04; Windows Aluminum WindowsMosquito gauzeIronmongeries & other necessary accessories
Element 05; Finishing; Wall FinishingFloor Finishing   Smooth plastering and well wall skimmingNon slippery porcelain Floor Tiles
Element 06; Painting and Decoration All the necessary
Element 07; Electrical Installation Depending the Individual classroom demand

Tendering will be conducted through the Competitive Quotation procedures specified in the Public Procurement Regulations, 2013-Government Notice No. 446 and is open to Tenderers only as defined in the Regulations unless otherwise stated in the Tender Data Sheet. Interested eligible Tenderers may obtain further information, questions and inquiries from NELICO Geita Office based in Bomani Area, Katoma Street, Plot No. 153, Block ‘K’, P.O. Box 160, Geita Tanzania: or call: +255677071853 or +255677071860 from 9:00 am to 05:00 pm on Monday to Friday. Or write to; procurement@nelicotz.org

Evaluation criteria

-Reasonability in Price quotation
-Track Record and Experience
-Quality of the work Delivered
-Delivery terms within reasonable time

Submission Procedure; All Tenders in one original plus two copies properly filled in, and enclosed in plain envelopes must be addressed to Procurement Committee, NELICO Org, P. O. Box 160 Geita or should be hand delivered to NELICO office premises based in Geita at or before 5.00 PM on Monday 25th September, 2023.

Tenders will be opened promptly thereafter in public and in the presence of Tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend in the opening at the NELICO office. Tender Validity will be 28 days after tender opening exercise. Late tenders, portion of tenders, electronic tenders, tenders not received, tenders not opened and not read out in public at the tender opening ceremony shall not be accepted for evaluation irrespective of the circumstance. 

All tenders must include the following;

Draft schedule detailing the renovation Workplan of within 21 days after official engagement

  • Quotations for the Items and specifications.
  • Evidence of similar assignments, and at least one name and addresses of clients served.
  • Applicant Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of previous task engaged by the government and delivered successfully
  • Evidence of citizenship and tax payer registration

General Rules for the TENDER Notice

  • NELICO reserves the right to accept the whole, or part of or reject any or all bids without assigning any reasons, and to select the Bidder(s) which, in the sole opinion, best meets the interest of the Organization
  • NELICO reserves the right not to accept bid(s) from bidder(s) resorting to unethical practices such as fraud signs.
  • All information contained in this Public Tender Notice, or provided in subsequent discussions or disclosures, is proprietary and confidential.
  • No information may be shared by the bidder with any other organizations/bidders.