Albinism Inclusion (ALINC) Project


September 14, 2022




Albinism Inclusion (ALINC) Project

Why this department was established

The albino department main concerns are dispelling the deadly myths about people with albinism and upholding their social welfare. The killings of people with albinism are based on the claim that their body parts can be used as ingredients in rituals and potions, which will bring prosperity to the user. The body parts are not only retrieved through killings, the graves of people with albinism are also exhumed. Beside the interest in body parts, the people with albinism are seen as worthless, not integral part of society and bringers of bad luck. This causes this group of people to live in a constant state of fear to be abducted, mutilated or killed.    

Projects and activities

Albinism Project 

We conduct public meetings to raise awareness and discus the issues with the community members. They can tell about their own views on people with albinism, but they are also educated about the truth behind the deadly myths and the protection of the people with albinism. To reach more people, this is also done through radio spots and TV sessions.

We train the local government, elderly people, traditional healers, people with albinism and religious leaders on how a person can be born with albinism, the types of threats people with albinism have to deal with and how to report them. This is done to create ambassadors who can assist in spreading the project’s message to a larger community to finally dispel the deadly myths and uphold the social welfare of people with albinism.   


We identify and establish groups of people with albinism to provide them with life skills, economic empowerment and legal training. This gives them self-esteem to stand up for themselves and become independent. An important skill they learn is entrepreneurship.   

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