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September 14, 2022


  • We have been able to provide 150 desks, 75 chairs and 18 teachers’ tables to 3 primary schools in Geita district to reduce the shortage of these items in classrooms. 
  • We have built libraries in 4 different primary schools and we provided the libraries with 2200 books to inspire a culture of reading amongst the children. 
  • We also built 4 different latrines with 8 holes to serve 640 children in total. In this process the community engaged actively to assist us.  
  • We provided on job training to 120 teachers in 10 schools during the holidays. We educate them on changes in the curriculum that they don’t have knowledge on and other educational related challenges they face in their context.   
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  • We have provided reading and writing materials to the children’s clubs that are active in the project, to enable them to write their own stories. 40 of the best stories were picked to be published and spread around to other children in their schools. The books have illustrations drawn by the children and consist of traditional Tanzanian stories, which will help preserve and educate children on their own cultural heritage. Recently the stories have focused on children’s experiences with violence in their environment.  

The children need a safe environment to be able to learn, this is why we established a protection system in and out of school.

Paulina Alex-Executive Director

  • Why this department was established

    This department was established to improve the quality of the primary education. At this moment the public primary education is not able to fulfill all the needs of the children to get proper education. There are too many children in one school, for example we support a school with only 6 classrooms and 6000 children. The teachers are not trained or capable to deal with that many children. Beside the lack of classrooms and teachers, the facilities are not up to the standard. There are not enough desks, chairs, books and water tanks and school latrines are sometimes even nonexistent. The government does not have the capacity to improve the situation at this moment. For improvement, the support of other organizations is a necessity.   

    Projects and activities

    We have established four objectives to improve the quality of primary education. We started to support 10 schools; if the interventions are successful the government can learn from it and apply the interventions to other schools.  

    Teacher training 

    The teachers have to adapt to small classrooms and many children, we educate them how to teach reading, writing and mathematics in their circumstances. But the teachers also face different issues in their schools, so the trainings are adapted to the context. This is achieved through the participation of the teachers who are trained. The government does not have the funds to do these essential trainings, this is why the support of external organizations is a necessity. 

    Improved child participatory 

    Every school must have a children’s council to guarantee their wellbeing and to ensure that their needs are at least noted. Not every school has a council or a good working council, NELICO supports the establishment or improvement of these councils to develop the children’s participation. Beside the councils, NELICO establishes school clubs for the children to participate in extra curriculum activities such as environmental conservation, children’s rights and responsibilities, sports and games and reading clubs. The clubs are not only created to empower the youth, but also to make the participants ambassadors of their club’s subject. They can spread their knowledge to their peers, especially on environmental conservation and children’s rights and responsibilities. The clubs are complementary to other projects of NELICO to empower the youth, like the book project.

    Improved child protection 

    The children need a safe environment to be able to learn, this is why we established a protection system in and out of school. First we organized a children’s protection team consisting of the health department, police, teachers and children’s representatives. We also created a reporting mechanism in the community and schools for the children to protect their rights and wellbeing.  

    Improved learning environment through community infrastructure  

    NELICO supports the tools needed for a sustaining school. Beside trained teachers, participatory methodologies and protection, materials are needed. Materials like desks, chairs, water tanks, books and writing materials are provided. The community is also encouraged to participate to achieve our goals, we engage them to jointly renovate the school latrines and libraries.   

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