Legal Aid project


September 14, 2022


  • We have been able to offer legal aid to people who cannot afford to pay for it. We have also trained paralegals who offer free council in rural areas where people do not have access to legal aid otherwise.  


In this project we try to promote access to legal aid for communities and in particular women and children. We mostly achieve this through capacity building and empowerment of paralegal units, so that they can provide good quality legal services. Another way we support paralegals in the communities is by conducting training sessions on the skills of good governance and financial management.


We also try to improve collaboration and the institutional sustainability of paralegal organizations, local government authorities and other stakeholders in the legal services industry, to create a good, sustainable legal system in Geita region.


Staff from the legal aid department has also engaged in training paralegals on entrepreneurial skills and fundraising in order to make them and their organizations more independent. This is also so they can provide food quality legal aid services, especially to poor communities, women and children in Geita region   


The legal aid department organizes a mobile legal aid clinic on a quarterly basis in the project areas to reach people who are in need of legal support at a grass roots level, but who are also hard to reach because they live in remote areas.


Our legal aid staff has also engaged radio stations and social media through informational spots in order to increase public awareness on legal rights and issues, with particular focus on inheritance rights and GBV issues.  

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