NELICO team with ACHIEVE Beneficiaries.

Adolescents and Children, HIV Incidence-reduction, Empowerment, and Virus Elimination—ACHIEVE— is
USAID’s flagship initiative to address the needs of children, young people, and breast-feeding women affected
by HIV. This includes supporting local organizations in serving these populations and ultimately building their
capability to receive direct U.S. government funding for programs at scale. The project leverages the full
strength of its consortia and related private and public sector stakeholders to support countries attain and
sustain HIV epidemic control. Led by Pact, core consortia partners include Jhpiego, Palladium, No Means No
Worldwide, and WI-HER.

NELICO, Implements ACHIEVE project in both Geita Region (Bukombe District Council, Chato District Council, Nyang’ware District Council, Mbogwe District Council, Geita District Council and Geita Town Council) and Shinyanga Region (Shinyanga District Council, Kishapu District Council and Shinyanga Manicipal Council).

Under ACHIEVE, Nelico implements Both OVC Comprehensive and OVC Preventive Projects,

  • NELICO Implements OVC Comprehensive project in all the 9 Councils of Geita Region and Shinyanga Region.
  • Also, NELICO Implements OVC Preventive in 2 Councils of Shinyanga Region (Shinyanga DC and Shinyanga MC).

Achievements FY22 Q4:

CouncilsOVC_SERV TargetEnrolled Beneficiaries% OVC_SERV Target EnrolledOVC_SERV% OVC_SERV Target Achieved<18 OVC_SERV Target<18 OVC_SERV% <18 OVC_SERV Target Achieved% Enrolled Served
Bukombe DC3,7163,65398%3,65298%2,6522,51595%100%
Chato DC4,7044,957105%4,947105%3,3543,441103%100%
Geita DC7,48310,741144%10,713143%5,3297,797146%100%
Geita TC4,4862,36453%2,27251%2,9991,68756%96%
Kishapu DC2,8203,076109%3,066109%2,0282,225110%100%
Shinyanga DC25,28327,564109%24,70398%23,96023,00196%90%
Shinyanga MC14,17814,790104%13,11292%12,89611,80892%89%
Grand Total62,67067,145103%62,46599%53,21852,474100%96%
FY22 Q4 Indicator Performance for the 7 Councils that implemented OVC Project Under ACHIEVE Project.
CouncilsOVC_SERV TargetOVC_SERV. DREAMS TargetOVC_SERV. DREAMS Enrolled% OVC_SERV. DREAMS target AchievedOVC_SERV. Preventive (CBIM) TargetOVC_SERV. Prev% OVC_SERV. DREAMS target Achieved
Shinyanga DC25,2837,8897,884100%13,91811,24581%
Shinyanga MC14,1784,1594,10299%6,4994,81474%
GRAND Total32,46512,04811,98699%20,41716,05977%
FY 22 Q4 DREAMS and CBIM (OVC_Prev) Performance